About Lulu

Lulu Winslow is a writer, researcher, analyst, organizer, and multimedia artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Lulu (aka Lynda Faye) was nicknamed early by family members and friends. She continues to have many nicknames and few pen names, but Lulu is her favorite, even though she’s not so little any more.

Lulu’s favorite person in the earliest days was Mrs. Lula Williams, a song leader and member of a local church. Lula Williams managed to read her Bible every day, helped take care of the Winslow girls as part of a job several days a week, in addition to raising her own family 24 x 7.

Lula managed to be a leader in her community as well as in our family by showing us the way to be fearless and to choose love every single day. In the early days of the civil rights movement, she showed up for us; she knew how we needed her. This blog is dedicated to her, with love and gratitude for all she taught us.


One response to “About Lulu

  1. Patrick Porter

    You should make a deal with Golden Gate National Rec Area. These mosaic beach scenes should be done at the sea wall at Ocean Beach, like stairwell #4 Balboa Street. Then perhaps the grafitti monsters would diminish their shenanigans!

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