[ Synchronicity ]

Our dear Administrator
has something in common
with Walt Whitman,
he having been
Federal Paymaster
during the Civil War.

She sings in a church
choir. He worked once
as a printer’s devil
while still a young lad.

Both eventually
pay-masters in various
wars on unfairness
both helping
their families,
both working, both
in service.

My own career similar
to the Federal service of
a young Jack Kerouac:
grandiose, never oriented to
a military regime; thus
left to find my own discipline.

But when I miss
my own Momma, I
can’t go see her, and I
don’t sing in any choir, thus
I am left to the devil.

There is probably a thick file
on me too somewhere, perhaps not
in any National Archive, but
perhaps equally filled by my
strange writing obsession.

Make the best of your service.

Colossal mismatch or not,
find a way to be helpful;
it is our only hope:
the rest is just The Road.


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