Cats, trackpads, work, parenting, and privacy…

My 11-year-old cat has been slowly learning how to work the laptop at home. She’s almost mastered the trackpad but keeps using her claws. When we were having a struggle the other night about who would use the keyboard she managed to hook one of her claws under the Control Key (the one with the apple on it), and remove the actual top part of the key.

I can’t figure out how to put parental controls on it. I’m working on it, slowly. I really don’t want her going online. At all. Period.

Cat sitting on concrete
Old torh7ujbbbb ju (she typed most of this caption)

Today I decided I want nothing more to do with Facebook, and started shutting everything down. I sent in a request to delete my account, and then deleted it myself.

I feel so much better now.

Back to work!


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