On Being Stuck, and On Innovation

I occasionally get reminded by the lump on my own forehead that I need to stop metaphorically banging it against the wall.  Finding a new solution to an old problem is a little more challenging. Lists of things I am grateful for can be a catalyst, or at least can serve as a come-along to winch myself out of a rut.

A few years ago, I discovered that the Golden Gate Western Wear in Richmond had some woman-sized snap front shirts, with diamond snaps, mostly made in America.  Rockmount Ranch Wear. Truly great. Well made, beautiful, a great idea, and a pleasure to wear and own.  They are among Joe A. Well’s finest western innovations.  For these we are grateful.  Thank you, Golden Gate!

Our country is truly the land of Innovation. It is hard sometimes to remember that, since sometimes every piece of news, the behavior of most people, and the design of everything seems anchored in stupidity. We do have real work to do.

Stay tuned for:  Cigar Box Guitars, and their Makers as outlined in Mike Orr’s book: Handmade Music Factory (Fox Chapel Publishing).

I need to make an ironing board dobro. Right after I get some chores done.


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