Anon-2009170 and the Next 8 Years

During the time I’d resolved that I was just going to do this for myself from now on, not with any other goal in mind, I got, ahem, lucky. That was over 8 years and several riveting games of BaDaBingo! ago.

Rufus Rastus FlyByNight KarmaRepair Brown Young, I am very lucky. So lucky. And Inshallah, shall remain so blessed.

We really don’t know what the next 8 years will look like, and yet we are committing to the journey. Right now, it is a design problem.

How do we design the idea of a shared future so that we can work toward it?


"Something will happen...No doubt about it."

Stay tuned. Relationships in your rear view mirror may actually have been different than they appear.  The close relationship you are in now is the one to keep your eye on.

Toward the fun, away from the pain, carpe diem, and all that!


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